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So what can I tell you about me.?  My name is Yolanda Carla Maria Banfield. I am a Wedding photographer from Manchester.  I am half Italian and half Austrian, but apart from a short spell in Australia as a child when we went over as ‘ten pound poms’ I have lived in the Manchester area all my life. I live in Bolton with my husband Lee and my 2 dogs, Millie and Buster. I have 4 grown up children and at the time of writing this, 5 grand-children.

Yolanda Banfield
Yolanda Banfield – Manchester Photographer

The camera comes out a lot at home, when I buy a new lens or flash, or I am trying some new lighting technique, every time it does then Lee groans. I think he is fed up of me clicking away at him while he trying to watch TV. Millie is like her dad. she hates it when the camera appears. It’s difficult to get any good shots of her. Her ears go back, eyes widen, and she will not look at the camera. She turns her head away no matter how much I try to coax her with treats. Buster on the other hand is just a model in the waiting. He loves it. He stares right into the lens as though he knows how handsome he is.

You can probably tell I love photography. I always have. So when my kids flew the nest I till the opportunity to turn it into my career. I went on some courses, learned a lot on-line and started shooting family and friends and offering my services as a free wedding photographer. And it grew from there.

My style is to try and get those candid shots. the buzz word for this now is ‘reportage’ so I suppose I am a reportage photographer. Although many couples still want the classic family group shots so I tend to cover a mixture of styles. But reportage is my favourite style.  It’s much more difficult than the classic shots as you need to be quick and get the lighting right immediately other-wise you miss the moment. But the results can be amazing. I also prefer black and white to colour, but again I do a mixture.
Anyway what else can I tell you. I am a people person. Many clients have told me it was more like having a friend at the Wedding than a total stranger with a camera. And that’s what they have since become – friends. See a sample of testimonials below.
I am open to ideas at your Wedding or event, after all its your day. So if you would like to discuss then please get in touch via message or give me a ring,
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find what you are looking for,
Yolanda xx

My daughter Carina has been interested in photography ever since I can remember and studied photography at college. She has been a professional photographer for the last 15 years and running her own business for the last 9 years. We regularly work together on photo-shoots and weddings. Having 2 photographers does cost more, but is well worth it for the extra shots that are captured when the guests are not aware. Sometimes these turn out to be the best shots of the day.




My little angles

Buster - Wedding photography Manchester
Prince Buster – Manchester Photography
Millie - Manchester Wedding Photography
Princess Millie – Manchester Photography