Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photography questions you might have

Q: What style of wedding photographer are you?
A: I am a documentary style wedding photographer. Other terms which you might hear are ‘reportage’ and ‘candid’. I just like to capture those natural shots.

Q: I have certain ideas I would like – will you try to fit these in?
A: Of course. I am open to any ideas. And after all it is your big day.

Q: How do I know I will get on with you?
A: I am a friendly and outgoing person. If you read some of my testimonials you will see that I am very easy to get on with and I will make you feel at ease almost immediately. Some of my past brides have now become good friends.

Q: Do you have past brides who can give you a reference?
A: Yes I can give you their phone numbers or you can contact them on face-book. I am proud to say that I have never had an unhappy bride and groom when they receive their pictures.

Q: Do you have cover if you cannot attend my wedding?
A: It has never happened, but in the unlikely event that I could not make your wedding, my daughter who has been a professional photographer herself for 15 years would cover for me. I also have a network of other professional wedding photographers who would help out if required.

Q: Are you insured?
A: I have full public liability and professional indemnity. I also have spare camera and flashes just in case, which are all fully insured.

Q: How long will the pictures take?
A: I will be busy shooting all day, but the shots of the bride and groom are extra special. If you want the best shots possible to look back on for years and years then they do take some time. Please, please, please, don’t rush this part because you would rather get to the bar.

Q: Do you take pictures in the church?
A: Yes but this is a tricky one. Some vicars / priests do not allow you to use flash photography in what are generally dark places. This can make the pictures look a little grainy. In these cases I turn the pictures into black and white shots where it isn’t noticeable. Again the clergy do not like photographers being close to the action in church. So if I have to stand behind you then all I get are back of head shots for most of the service. If you can persuade the vicar to give me a bit of freedom to move around that would be fantastic.

Q: Can other guests take pictures?
A: Of course, but please allow me to get my shots first – after all you are paying me and don’t want your uncle Bills arm and Polaroid or phone camera in the way.

Q: Do you require feeding on the day?
A: Yes please. Depending on the package you have booked I will be there from morning until evening. I need to eat like anyone else does. I just require a hot meal and a drink. I can either sit with your guests or if you prefer I can sit separate to them.

Q: Do I get fully edited pictures?
A: Yes all pictures are fully edited in Adobe Light-room and Photoshop. All pictures are suitable for printing or they can be downsized for posting on social media sites. Once I give you the pictures I also give you the copyrights to them so you can do with them as you please.

Q: How many pictures will I get?
A: You will receive between 250 and 350 fully edited pictures on a DVD.And depending on which package you choose, you also get a Slideshow DVD of a large selection of pictures set to around 8 tracks of your favorite songs, so you can invite your friends round to watch the day again on TV.

Q: Can I have all the pictures taken on the day?
A: I’m afraid not. Some of the pictures won’t have come out very well while I was adjusting exposure and lighting settings. I am a Professional and only want my best work to be seen. Any pictures I am not 100% happy with are deleted straight away.

Q: How long does it take until I get my pictures?
A: Approximately 4 weeks. It takes that long to edit the hundreds of pictures and create those magic moments to perfection.

Q: How do I book you?
A: Either by phone or via the contact form on my site. Obviously the summer months get booked quickly. I do require a £100 deposit before the day is reserved.

If you want any more information or would like to book your wedding then please ring me 07896 990 654