The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day Sat 3rd May.

I had everything packed, batteries charged, spare camera everything checked and in order for my wedding photography shoot the next day. I woke up at 8-30am just to give everything a final once over,(nothing worse than forgetting something important when shooting a wedding). All present and correct, just need to download the address into the Sat Nav :). Quick breakfast and shower and setting off an hour earlier to avoid the bank holiday rush on the motorway.

I arrive at the beautiful Mottram Hall Hotel, wow looks very impressive, parking up my car I couldn’t figure out where the entrance was as I was quite a distance in the huge car park, so camera bag in hand I started to walk in the direction I presumed the entrance would be. As I must have looked quite lost a nice man on a golf buggy ( golf course connected to hotel) asked if I was a guest at the wedding, I replied I was the photographer and with that he said “Hop on I will give you a lift” I sure was glad as today of all days it was belting down with sunshine, and I was already parched for a nice cool drink.

I entered the hotel and asked for the brides room as she wanted the bridal preparation photos doing, I was given the room number and made my way to greet her. As I entered the room the heat hit me like a wall of flames, the hotel forgot to switch the heating off, and everyone was saying how hot they were. One of the bridesmaids opened the window and the breeze was heaven :). The bride was all in a flurry (bless) and I just took some of her bridal items, flowers etc and started snapping away to include them in her album. after getting the shots I needed, the bride said she was starting to get nervous and I suggested she have another glass of champagne to calm her nerves.

Then it was time to go downstairs to get to the ceremony as the car had turned up, but not before searching around for the brides mobile phone which she had misplaced for the 3rd time lol. I set my Sat Nav for the ceremony address, but needn’t have bothered because the bridal car was only so far up the winding entrance that I soon caught up with them, I kept it on though just in case. Good job I did keep the Sat Nav on as the bridal car pulled over and gestured to me to keep going so I could be there before them to get the shots of them arriving.

The ceremony was being held at a lovely venue  in Macclesfield, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a quaint little river via a gorgeous old bridge.I saw quite a lot of the guests had already arrived and started getting a few pictures before the bride arrived. In no time at all the bride arrived looking all excited peering through the window at her guests, who in turn were wooing and ahhhing at how beautiful she looked. Pictures taken of Bride getting out of the car and a quick chat with the registrar and everybody was being ushered into the lovely decorated room for the ceremony.

Lots and lots of pictures later I asked the Groom if we could get everybody outside to take some more pictures, and as we were going out the owner of the venue pointed out that the area to the back of the place was unlocked and he had just mowed the grass that morning for the pictures. I hope he had a sit on mower because this was the biggest lawn ever lol. Well after instructing all the family, best man and friends as to how I wanted them to look for the pictures, they all had a chuckle at my proposed ideas and were more than willing to pose.

Then it was back to the venue for the much awaited wedding breakfast. I couldn’t believe how quick the staff had altered the room from rows of chairs to a beautifully decorated room with candles lit and tables all set up, which I now know from the bride herself, was all her hard work with help from family & friends, very clever bride she was too from all the decor to the little personal named jam jars for drinks for her guests, it was all very cleverly arranged. The ambient lighting from the candles was perfect for the shots I wanted.

When the day was over and the last dance was snapped, I collected my stuff together and wished the Bride and Groom a lovely married life together and set off for my car. Sat Nav set to home I winced a bit with the pain in my back (getting old)¬† and started to head off home. Only a mile down the road did the stupid Sat Nav decide it didn’t want to play ball, and kept crashing on me and sending me down the wrong roads, almost to the point I very nearly parked on someones private land. Anyway to cut a long story short after nearly throwing it out of the window I eventually made it home, to a nice home cooked meal made by my Husband Ahhhh. Married life is bliss :).


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