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Me and my daughter were sat in the garden yesterday, and was getting bored so we decided to get the camera out and do something different. My daughter used to have her own photography studio, but had to give it up due to illness and also having my third grandchild. She had rarely picked her camera up, so I gave her some inspiration to do something different with it, rather than portraits she used to do. I found an E-book called Photography Tricks & Effects. She downloaded it and couldn’t wait to get cracking on the first picture. I also did┬ásome camera tricks in the past, although the hand in the computer was taken on my mobile phone, so quality isn’t great. The one my daughter did is of me floating in mid air, I think its kinda cool. Here are 4 images added to this post that┬ádeceives the eye. More photos to follow this post when we both figure out some new ones to add.Photography tricks 3 Photography tricks 4

Photography tricks 1
Hand in the computer

Photography tricks 2




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