June Wedding – Ruth & James

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June Wedding

On the 19th June 2015 I picked up my camera equipment and made my way to the church for Ruth & James wedding. I was hoping the weather would be a bit warmer than it was, as I didn’t put a coat on. I think everyone else must have seen the forecast for the day as they were suitably dressed with more layers than myself.

I arrived around half an hour earlier so I could get a few shots of the grounds of the church and gardens. For about 5 minutes the sun came out and then disappeared behind the grey looking clouds, I didn’t mind as it is a natural soft box for getting better photo’s. Too much sun causes shadows and squinting so the look is not very flattering.The first of the ushers arrived, followed minutes later by the groom. I walked over and introduced myself, but I am sure they knew who I was with a huge camera and lens hanging from my neck!

I went around taking pictures of everyone that was arriving, getting some group shots and couples, everyone buzzing with the anticipation of the brides arrival.There was a few family members on the lookout for the wedding car arriving, and I knew she was coming from the squeal of excitement I heard over my shoulder. Ruth was running early so the car went around the block for 5 minutes or so, which gave me a chance to get a good spot to capture her arrival. The beautiful white car gleamed as it slowly drove up and I got a shot of Ruth smiling as she peered through the window at all the guests waiting.

She looked radiant as she stepped out of the car, like a princess about to marry her prince. Her proud father came from the other side of the car, scooping her arm and beaming with pride as he walked her up to the church. A few more shots were taken before Ruth entered the church, and I hurried inside to capture her walking down the aisle.

I had already been pre-warned that the vicar didn’t want me using flash in the church, which is a common occurrence in most churches. I was told by the vicar to stay at the back of the church on a balcony next to the organ player. But after a while of getting the same shots of the back of the bride and groom I sneaked down and quietly got myself nearer the front, where I could not only get some better pictures but also get the guests in the shots too. Ruth had asked me to get a variety of shots, some traditional, and a mixture of contemporary and reportage.

The ceremony went very smoothly and aside from my sat nav playing up on me, we all arrived at the reception in one piece. After a glass of champagne given to all the guests I gathered some family members together from the list Ruth had given me to ensure all relatives were not missed out on the photo’s.

More guests started to arrive and I went around sneaking some shots of them as I like to get those candid shots in there too. As the rooms started to fill, there was a buzz in the air, and lots of smiling faces, Ruth and James looked totally relaxed and were smiling a lot at each other. I must admit every wedding is different for me, but I still get a little teary eyed with each one.

I really love this job, as being newly married myself I relive all my happy emotions on my big day through every wedding I photograph. Congratulations to Ruth & James.
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