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Improve site ranking

Ever since I created my Word Press site I have been trying to improve my site ranking and get to that elusive 1st page on Google. Not easy, but I won’t give up!

First of all I kept adding pictures and nice pages and wondered why everyone wasn’t clicking on my site and booking weddings left right and center.

Then I started reading and that’s when I 1st came across the phrase ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO).. So how to use it. Well that was easy – once my site became visible on google I had phone-calls every day from so called ‘google partners’ who could guarantee my being on page 1. Well I have done it. Page 1 here I come. I was impressed since even google can’t guarantee you getting on page 1. Maybe I should have smelt a rat.

What they don’t tell you is whatever they do from their little seedy office is get you on page 1 when you search from your computer only. Search from your mobile and you are still down there on page 26 with all the other poor sods who haven’t had anyone click on their site other than their mum.

Hmm so this isn’t the way to do it then. So what else can I do. I know I can pay for Google Adwords – that will do it. And it does. So it works like this. You select the search words or phrases you think most people will type in to find your product. Google then suggest a price per click which should guarantee you getting on page 1. For me is was around £2 per click. I set a budget of £10 per day, so over the month it would cost £300. No small change, but if I got 3 weddings from it at £700 each then it would be worth it.I paid the money and there I was at the top of page 1. Phone next to me waiting for the endless bookings. It didn’t ring at all. So after about 15 minutes I checked my ad again. Nowhere to be seen. I was back don with the wanna-be’s on 26 again.

What nobody tells you is that your competitors are sat at their PC and have just noticed a new name appearing at the top of the list – where their name usually appears. So they click on your site to see who you are (£2 gone). Then they click another 4 times because they don’t like you stealing their spot and your budget has gone and you have disappeared into oblivion. And all before breakfast.

So what next? Trawling through the web night after night trying to find that magical thing that will boost me up to top spot, along with the big boys (and girls). And the sad truth is that it all boils down to hard work.

Google rankings are based primarily on 2 things ‘Popularity’ and ‘Quality’. So how does it work out who is best. The truth is only Google knows, but it’s obvious that good quality backlinks play a major part in it. The more sites link to your site the more popular it must be, and therefore the quality of that site must be good for people to want to link to it.

So that’s where I am up to. Trying my hardest to get good quality backlinks and trying to write decent blogs, which isn’t the easiest thing in the world

.I am now on page 5. Getting there.


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