Google Ad Words

Well after trawling around every business I know to hand out my overpriced flyers I sat back and waited for the telephone to start ringing, no such luck, not a peep, nothing but the calls of the sharks out there trying to take my money to get me on Googles first page. Disappointed I decided to do some research and went through hours of reading advise online, on how to promote my business.
After many a late night and crawling into bed when the birds were starting to wake, I decided on having a go at Google Ad Words, it basically works on the basis that you chuck in a price you are willing to pay for each time a person clicks on your website. This price can go up if someone else’s business is being knocked down the page because you are paying more than them, and in my case some of these other businesses raised their prices forcing me back down :(
So I upped my price and it would be like ping pong back and forth with the scramble to the top page of Google. Then one day I looked at my stats to see how I was doing and noticed I had an awful lot of clicks quite early in the morning, I was really chuffed that this way of advertising was working.
The next day I noticed a similar pattern forming and became somewhat suspicious, could it be my competitors clicking my site, just so it drained all my money? you see it works like this say I decide I want to spend £10 a day on clicks, each click would be £1 so therefore when 10 people have clicked on my website my ad disappears until the next day. This has been happening now for the past few days and I have come to the conclusion that I think my suspicions were right.
I have decided to keep a note of the recent activity on my website and inform Google that I am not paying anymore if this is something that can be easily done by a competitor. I think its going to be some more late nights for me to figure out another way of advertising, and avoiding these never ending pools of money sucking black holes.


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