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I have two Staffies, both so different in personalities. The oldest is my little Princess named Millie, who is coming up to her 4th birthday soon, and the new edition to the family is almost 2-year-old prince Buster, although he anything but royal in his mannerisms. Millie has always been the shy retired and very submissive little girl, where the slightest noise ie a door closing or throwing something in the bin sends her running for the hills with her ears back and tail tucked under her.

Buster on the other hand is a very cheeky chappy who is as brave as a lion, he is not shy nor retiring and definitely not submissive. Buster makes us laugh in whenever he is scolded he has to answer back with a wolf like howl with his chin pointing in the air, and a stubborn look on his face. Where as Millie you just want to wrap in cotton wool and smoother her in kisses, to take away her fear of everyday noises. 

The two different personalities are always shown in my photos, as Buster will quite happily sit and pose for his photo shoot, with a regal and cocky look in his eyes, almost like he is saying “You best get my good side”.

He would lie still for ages until he gets bored and finally drifts off ( probably dreaming of food ) as I forgot to mention he likes to eat. If it has a scent it go’s in Busters belly, if its accessible it go’s in Busters belly, and if it’s yours he wants it to go in Busters belly. Millie on the other hand, from a very young age must have thought a camera was some kind of evil invention that was going to do her some unimaginable harm. I get the camera out and point it in her direction, and as quick as a flash she turns her head and looks away. If I happen to be lucky and get a picture of her looking straight into the lens, then it will be guaranteed that her ears will be as flat as a pancake stuck on the top of her head with the widest eyes ever seen in existence, almost like I was holding a pistol to her head.

I have even tried the sneaky shot and put away my DSLR camera and held my mobile phone as if I was sending a text, but instead put the camera on and without looking suspicious I point it at my princess. But this girl must have a radar built in, because she knows that I am about to take her picture and there the ears go and the startled eyes start bulging, and she retreats behind her daddy for protection against the unknown evil thing that is about to do her harm, and make a click that sends her reeling across the room for shelter. I have given up the prospect of ever getting a good picture with both my pooches together looking all proud.

I now resort to practicing my head shots on my not so amused husband who now gets the camera poked in his face at every opportunity I get…..I call these shots Moody Bugger.

Can You tell which is Millie and which is Buster?

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