Annoying part about starting your own business

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What is the annoying part of starting your own business?

Well it is the numerous calls you get from companies claiming they can get you on the first page of Google, I must get about 6 calls a day.

The worst thing is my personal mobile number is also my business number, and I find myself being quite abrupt when someone calls, not knowing wether it is a customer or one of the suck you in sellers trying to make a profit by saying they can get you on the first page of Google.

This is not the case as I have had one person tell me to check my internet, after he pressed a few buttons on his side and I would find myself in the top slot in the search engine, I did this, an low and behold there I was. The only problem with this is it will show on my IP address that I am above all others, but the minute I use a friends computer I am nowhere to be found.

This is a load of hodge podge and I never trust anyone now who tells me so. I answer the phone and I get almost to an argumentative state of saying I am not interested, and they are so flabbergasted that they say to me “Are you not interested in bringing custom to your site”. Not if its going to leave me eating toast for the rest of the month NO.

The minute I say “If its free bring it on because I don’t have any money”, they suddenly turn into rude arrogant people and hang up the phone lol.  Today I had a phone call and I almost fell down the stairs to get to my phone so you can imagine my anger when it was yet again another cold caller, they asked for the business owner, I asked what is it regarding and the minute I heard the word Google and first page, the obscenities came streaming out of my mouth, all was quiet at their end and then I heard that lovely sound (click) and were are gone.

I have decided to do all the advertising I can to create custom and my hubby has done an awful lot of hours on my website to optimize it in the hope that Google will see it like a little gold fish out in the big ocean of businesses, I am not holding my breathe to never receiving a call from these land pirates, I wish I could put a big plaque on my website saying cold callers not welcome, or call at your own risk. How many others have gone through this experience? I’m sure there are thousands of you still dreading the calls lol.

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