21st Birthday Bash

Had this 21st Birthday Bash booked for a couple of weeks, and tonight was the night to pack up my gear and make my way there.
Problems with the sat nav again, seems to not recognize the street again, seems to be doing that a lot lately. Eventually after several attempts it works.
And I start to pull off, when I noticed my petrol gauge was low. A quick stop at the petrol station and I was off again.
Arrived at destination and as soon as I did the heavens opened and down came what could only be described as a monsoon. I was glad I was half an hour early so stayed in the car till it died down a bit.

I went in and there was the buffet lady putting all this lovely food out, I just started a diet this day so was really hard looking at it without saliva building up lol. I noticed the beautiful pink and white cake and pulled out the camera to get a few shots before it got destroyed with the knife. Walking around the room the DJ approached me and asked if I had business cards, of course this is something I always carry on me now as the last few events I was asked and didn’t have any.

Looking out of the window the rain had took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the birthday girl having to leg it into the building without ruining her dress and hair, luckily she was later than expected and the rain had stopped by then, giving me a chance to capture her and her friends exiting the mini bus.

The place took on a buzz as it started to fill with lots of friends and family, and mum was there to greet everyone before her daughter arrived. It actually makes me giggle when I am snapping away at people and they ask if they get a keyring :) Or how do they acquire the picture I just took, my response is to ask the party girl to have a quiet word with the DJ to announce that I am not selling the pics to them, as I have already been paid for my services.

Some people even turn their heads and say no thanks I have no money for pictures, as soon as I say I am not charging them I never get them out of range of the lens lol. This happens at every event I have done.
More people seem to be heading for the dance floor and the music is getting louder, as the Macarena song comes on everyone gets in position to do the dance, I stand on a chair trying to get all the faces in the shot.

Now in full swing everyone is much happier having their photo taken and willingly jump into position, I asked the party girl if she can round everyone up so i can get some party shots, she disappears and comes back with half the room lol. I love looking back at these shots because you always get a couple of people pulling a funny face on purpose for the photo.

900 pictures later I give mum and daughter a hug and start to make my way out, as by now both my camera batteries had a good hammering and needed to be recharged. On the way out I had numerous, requests to take some more pics and had to decline telling them I had no power left, otherwise I would. Arrived home around midnight and immediately loaded the pics on the computer to start editing in the morning.

Today I delivered the images on disc and the birthday girl was very happy with the results, Oh to be 21 again….one can only wish :)


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